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Bethany Cottages

accommodation | Coolabunia QLD 4610

(07) 4162 7046
218 Peterson Drive, Coolabunia QLD 4610

QLD Tourism welcomes Bethany Cottages in Coolabunia, for all your accommodation and travel needs, book your holiday today.

Bethany Cottages are four self-contained cottages set up on the highest hill in the Kingaroy district. There are one bedroom cottages, a two bedroom cottage and a spa cottage to choose from. They cater from one to six guests in each. Enjoy the panoramic views from your private verandah. Bethany Cottages provides close proximity to all the conveniences of a modern country town but far enough away to enable you to sit back, relax and enjoy some quiet time. The cottages are pet friendly. In 2015 they added a three bedroom 'Farm House' which is available for long and short term rent. This has a full kitchen, laundry and yard for the children and doggies. Tours of Queensland's most famous farm are available for you to learn more about the history of both the farm, the region with some political stories thrown in! Of course Pumpkin Scones are also served with a cuppa. Bethany Cottages is an easy 45 minute drive to the majestic Bunya Mountains and has many local wineries within a 45 minute radius....
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