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Imbil Bridge Farm

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0407 698 384
765 Kandanga Imbil Road, Imbil QLD 4570

QLD Tourism welcomes Imbil Bridge Farm in Imbil, for all your accommodation and travel needs, book your holiday today.

Enjoy a private farm stay in a magical location. Situated on Yabba Creek at Imbil in South East Queensland just 95 minute's drive north from Brisbane, Imbil Bridge Farm can be an adventure getaway or a relaxing escape to the country. The farm is unique, peaceful, private and exclusively yours. A picturesque horse and beef cattle 30 acre property surrounds the three bedroom 1920s Queenslander farm house which has been elegantly restored. There is a wood burning Norwegian fireplace however the home is also air conditioned for both cooling and heating. Chill out on the verandah and watch for platypus, turtles, saratoga fish, and a variety of water birds in an ever changing show of wildlife. Downstream of the farm house the creek is held back by a natural waterfall and weir providing a constant deep water level for kayaking and fishing. Their private jetty is directly accessible down stairs from the house. There is a two man canoe for guest use. The charming village of Imbil just a short walk across the town bridge. The village is the hub of the beautiful Mary River Valley and has an historic hotel, cafes, general store and most facilities.
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