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Rubyvale Motel & Holiday Units

accommodation | Rubyvale QLD 4702

07 4985 4518
35 Heritage Rd , Rubyvale QLD 4702

QLD Tourism welcomes Rubyvale Motel & Holiday Units in Rubyvale, for all your accommodation and travel needs, book your holiday today.

Stay in total comfort while you discover the fun and adventure of the Sapphire Gemfields. Conveniently located, Rubyvale Motel & Holiday Units is an oasis for guests wanting spacious, peaceful surroundings and superb comfort. Accommodation options include fully self contained units with separate bedrooms as well as deluxe spa units - scattered over a 3 acre landscaped site. The AAA rating reflects the quality. Experience the thrill of finding your own precious sapphire. Your hosts Michael & Jane also have a sapphire and jewellery business - 'Taylors Fine Sapphires'.
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