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7 Elkhorn Avenue, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217

At Quack’rDuck we know the top Gold Coast tourist attractions inside out and we know what it takes to bring our customers one of the most memorable Gold Coast adventures. The Quack’rDuck duck bus will take you through some of the most impressive Gold Coast attractions and give you a unique view of the city. You can observe the natural beauty of the Gold Coast’s famous beaches, or watch the excitement unfold at SeaWorld from your elevated seat aboard the Quack’rDuck bus; even before entering the water. Once you have seen the landlocked attractions of the Gold Coast’s busiest areas, we will splash into the water to cruise past the iconic Marina Mirage and Paradise Waters. From the pristine waterways of the Gold Coast to perfect views of the city, all with the excitement, entertainment and memorability of an amphibious tour with Quack’rDuck.
Fun for the Whole Family

Kid’s and adults alike will love the action-packed guided tour of the Gold Coast area’s most important attractions. A unique experience on land and on water. Where else could you get the best of both worlds?

What can you expect from Quack’rDuck’s guided tours?

Informative and most-of-the-time humorous commentary – There will be a driver and a guide helping you locate, view, and tell you about important sites along the Gold Coast.

Reasonably priced tours – Our prices are competitive and you might even be able to bargain down the price especially if it’s the last tour of the day.

Fun hour of tour – Our tours are about one hour long and it’s a good idea to book at least 30 minutes before the time of departure.

Gorgeous scenery of the Gold Coast skyline – See the skyline from a different perspective.

A quieter and slower-paced tour of the area – Sit back and enjoy time away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. This is a great time to rest and relax especially if you’ve been walking a lot during your tour of the Gold Coast.

Be the driver of the Quack’rDuck amphibious vehicle – The children get a chance at being the ‘captain’ of the Quack’rDuck amphibious vehicles for a few minutes on the water.

Dolphin sightings – You might be able to see some of the wildlife in the water.

Fantastic staff – Friendly and knowledgeable, the drivers and tour guides will do their best to cater to your needs and make your experience a fun and enjoyable one.

Smooth rides on the water if the weather is good – No worries about sea sickness no matter the weather.

Fun tour – An efficient tour and great introduction to the important sites of the Gold Coast.

Stunning views – Great photo opportunities of the scenery and photo opportunities with the captain and of the kids steering the boat on the water.

Awesome for tour groups of all ages – This tour is especially fun for children. There’s always something to see, and they can even have a chance to drive the amphibious vehicle for a few minutes on the water.

Roomy seating areas – There is enough space for walking around and you won’t feel claustrophobic.

Fauna friendly vehicles – Our vehicles are designed so they won’t hurt the wildlife in the water.

Comfortable ride – The seats are comfortable and the ride is not too bumpy.

Clean surroundings – We pride ourselves in keeping our vehicles clean inside and out.

Great for class outings – Treat children to an outing on the unique Quack’rDuck amphibious vehicle. It’s a great reward or a year-end trip idea.

An awesome holiday outing – If the children are on holidays, put Quack’rDuck on the list of things to do over the summer holidays or school breaks.

Check out our TripAdvisor and Google+ reviews and see why everyone is raving about our Quack’rDuck amphibious experience!

We provide great all-around family fun!