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Edgecumbe Bay, Cannonvale QLD 4802

QLD Tourism welcomes Eco Jet Safari in Cannonvale, for all your attraction and things to do, book your adventure today.

Operating two jet ski tours daily from Airlie Beach.  Montes Reef Resort is the island you can drive to! Drive your own jetski within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park - a World Heritage Area.

Navigate the untamed mangrove everglades, and experience the pristine, sandy island beaches.  Observe marine wildlife in their natural habitat up close and personal!  With only small groups, our fully qualified skippers and eco crew will deliver a personalised service all the way.

You will be talking about this magical jet ski tour for years to come! Eco Jet Safari is passionate about helping to protect and conserve this unique and amazing environment.

looking for something different, then BOOK an ECO JET SAFARI!

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