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Cape Tribulation Road, The Boardwalk Cafe, Cape Tribulation QLD 4873

QLD Tourism welcomes Ocean Safari in Cape Tribulation, for all your attraction and things to do, book your adventure today.

Experience Queensland's real wild side on this Great Barrier Reef half day Eco Tour. The tour begins at Cape Tribulation beach where guests board the newly built vessel bound for the tropical waters of the Great Barrier Reef. After an exhilarating fast ride of approximately 25 minutes guests enjoy snorkelling two fabulous locations at Mackay and Undine Reefs.

The Skipper and Eco Host ensure the day is filled with fun and appreciation of the Great Barrier Reef and the coastal rainforest of the Daintree, two world heritage areas side by side.

The vessel takes a maximum of 25 passengers, allowing guests to experience tropical paradise and the pleasure of a small group. The vessel is based on the original design of a rescue craft and is a rigid inflatable boat driven by 700hp engines. Ocean Safari's check in office is the Boardwalk Cafe, Cape Tribulation Road and a courtesy bus pick up from Cape Tribulation accommodation is included. Ocean Safari has advanced Eco Accreditation.

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