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Cairns Premier Reef and Island Tours

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QLD Tourism welcomes Cairns Premier Reef and Island Tours in North Cairns, for all your attraction and things to do, book your adventure today.

Come and experience the passion of the Cairns Premier Reef and Island Tours team. Enjoy first class service with that friendly Aussie touch. The choice of a luxury high speed 20 metre CAT - Ocean Freedom to two stunning locations - Upolu Cay and Wonder Wall on the outer edge of Upolu Reef or a beautiful 16 metre sailing vessel Ocean Free to the famous Green Island and Reef. These are two extremely personal tours carrying low passenger numbers offering more of a day out with family and friends than a commercial tour.

Ocean Freedom tour offers six hours on the reef and Cay due to its high speed while Ocean Free tour offers four and a half hours to explore the reef and island with also a great sailing experience and only 25 guests. For the discerning traveller wanting a friendly personal reef experience Cairns Premier Reef and Island Tours is a must do whether choosing the more luxurious Ocean Freedom or the adventurous Ocean Free. You won't be disappointed.


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