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Aristocat Snorkel and Scuba Port Douglas

attractions | Port Douglas QLD 4877

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18/4 Wharf Street, Marina Mirage, Port Douglas QLD 4877

QLD Tourism welcomes Aristocat Snorkel and Scuba Port Douglas in Port Douglas, for all your attraction and things to do, book your adventure today.

Snorkel and Scuba the Agincourt Ribbon Reefs with Aristocat for a one day Reef Adventure second-to-none. Aristocat visits three pristine, unspoilt outer reef sites teaming with fish and coral life.

Activities include guided snorkelling tours, introductory and certified scuba diving, whale watching and swimming with Dwarf Minke Whales (whale activity seasonal).

Aristocat holds the highest ecotourism certification, Advanced Ecotourism, is an Accredited Tourism Business, and has conducted reef tours, with a guest service and safety record second-to-none, for 21 years.

Guests enjoy the exceptional stability and amenities of the world class Aristocat V ...air-conditioned saloons, ergonomic individual seating (not benches), sofa seating areas for groups and eco-briefings, enclosed hot showers and security lockers. Fresh, healthy tropical buffet lunch, cheese and fruit platters, licensed bar and espresso coffee!

Qualified PADI Dive instructors show non-certified or introductory divers how-to-enjoy a 'Scuba'-dive safely. Small group tuition and supervision is provided above water and all dives are escorted

Snorkelling is the most popular activity on Aristocat - a sheer joy wildlife experience. The small snorkelling tour groups are escorted by experienced, informed reef guides.

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