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Arundel Hills Country Club

entertainment | Arundel Hills QLD 4214

(02) 6580 2300
Arundel Place, Arundel Hills QLD 4214

QLD Tourism welcomes Arundel Hills Country Club, in Arundel Hills for all your restaurant and entertainment needs, enquire online today.

Just 10 minutes from the high rise hotels and surfing beaches of the Gold Coast.

Arundel Hills Country Club offers every possible amenity for its members. A well-stocked pro-shop; resident professional; regular competitions; and the ancillary facilities associated with the clubhouse and Country Club itself: including deluxe two and three bedroom apartments, state of the art conference and function facilities, a fully-equipped and staffed gymnasium, sauna and spa, aerobics classes, tennis courts and more.

The Grille Restaurant offers dining from 10 am – 6 pm every day with extended hours on Wednesday (10am -7pm) and Saturday (6 am – 7 pm) daily. All hours are extended half an hour in summer.

The Arundel Hills Country Club has beautiful function rooms, suitable for up to 140 guests, and can be transformed to reflect your needs.

The sweeping paved approach, the tranquil lake and the beautifully manicured gardens set the backdrop for one of the finest wedding venues the Gold Coast has to offer and can accommodate both wedding and corporate events. Venues include the Players Lounge, the Members Lounge & Dining Room and the Grand Ballroom.

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