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Pioneer Valley Hotel

entertainment | Gargett QLD 4741

07 4958 5106
31 Jim Moule St, Gargett QLD 4741

QLD Tourism welcomes Pioneer Valley Hotel, in Gargett for all your restaurant and entertainment needs, enquire online today.

Come and enjoy the Coldest Beer that the Valley has to offer! The Pioneer Valley Hotel is located off Mackay-Eungella Road at Gargett. Nestled in a sleepy little side street is the Valleys Hidden Gem. Family owned since 1977, the Pioneer Valley Hotel is a pub with a touch of old fashioned country charm in a relatively new exterior.

The original Hotel was built in 1910, formerly known as ‘The Coronation’. The Hotel was located on Jim Moule St due to the transportation of that era, eg Rail Motors. During the Sugar Cane season you can relax on the Hotels verandah with a cold drink and watch the Loco’s go by.

Our venue is available for Function Hire, with Weddings, Birthday Parties, Meetings & Hen/Buck’s nights being a specialty. With both indoor & outdoor dining available and an in-house Bottle Shop be sure to plan your next catch up with friends and family at the Pioneer Valley Hotel.

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