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Karana Downs Country Golf Club

entertainment | Karana Downs QLD 4306

07 3201 0833
212 College Road, Karana Downs QLD 4306

QLD Tourism welcomes Karana Downs Country Golf Club, in Karana Downs for all your restaurant and entertainment needs, enquire online today.

Karana Downs Country Club is the place where something is always happening. We offer a relaxed style of dining with warm friendly service.  Whenever you feel like putting your feet up and relaxing with a cold beer and good food then come on down. There will always be something happening to amuse you.
As you first walk through our glass front doors you are fronted with a tiled 80 to 160 seat fully licenced Bistro dinging and function with Cocktail Bar for lounging in a scenic glass fronted area whilst sipping a cocktail. We also have our Albatross Room which offers fine dining and is open Thur to Sun. Our bar is fully equiped with 6 icey taps each side main bar and restaurant, snack foods, a wide selection of wines, sprits, cocktails, mocktails and most importantly friendly staff to serve you.


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