Pomodoras on Obi Restaurant - Maleny Restaurant QLD Tourism

Pomodoras on Obi Restaurant

entertainment | Maleny QLD 4552

(07) 5429 6543
18 Lawyer Street, Maleny QLD 4552

QLD Tourism welcomes Pomodoras on Obi Restaurant, in Maleny for all your restaurant and entertainment needs, enquire online today.

The Pomodoras on obi restaurant offers seasonal menu choices, sourcing much of it’s produce from the local farmers, suppliers and the Maleny Maple Street businesses.

Chris’s famous Balsamic dressing and his new Orange Vincotto are his own creation and are available for purchase from the Restaurant.

Locally grown herbs from kitchen gardens are used in the salads.

The lunch menu offers more cafe style foods, homemade burgers and freshly prepared salads are more likely to be on the menu. Whereas the dinner menu offers more restaurant influenced dishes, like Parmesan & sage crumbed Veal escallop served with Mediterranean vegetable ratatouille & jus.

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