Brothers Leagues Club Cairns - Manunda Restaurant QLD Tourism

Brothers Leagues Club Cairns

entertainment | Manunda QLD 4870

07 4053 1053
99-195 Anderson Street, Manunda QLD 4870

QLD Tourism welcomes Brothers Leagues Club Cairns, in Manunda for all your restaurant and entertainment needs, enquire online today.

Brothers League Club is located in the Heart of the Cairns CBD.

Brothers Leagues Club Cairns is now nationally recognised as the premier entertainment venue of far North Queensland as it continues to bring world-class performers to the region.

The club’s point of difference is its quality entertainment, excellent service and facilities, and intense community involvement, which continue to set it apart from its competitors.

Brothers Leagues Club has some fantastic dining options to indulge in and add to your experience at the club. Dinners can choose form either the popular ‘Sunsets Family Buffet Restaurant' or the ‘Celtic Café'. There is something to suit everybody's tastes and whether looking for a quick snack, lunch or dinner, there is a perfect experience waiting for all your friends and family.

Brothers Leagues Club is a premier venue for functions in the region, offering one of the most esteemed function venues in Queensland. The club has the capacity to host corporate events, weddings or birthday parties; there is an ideal location within Brothers to suit every occasion.

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