Beenleigh RSL - Mount Warren Park Restaurant QLD Tourism

Beenleigh RSL

entertainment | Mount Warren Park QLD 4207

07 3287 4000
13 Bardyn Halliday Drive, Mount Warren Park QLD 4207

QLD Tourism welcomes Beenleigh RSL, in Mount Warren Park for all your restaurant and entertainment needs, enquire online today.

Beenleigh is around 30 minutess drive south of Brisbane, or about 45 minutes drive north of the Gold Coast.

Changing activities and live events, a great ambience, bingo and trivia evenings ensure that no day at Beenleigh is the same. With delicious dining, function facilities and a beautiful golf course it’s the perfect club to relax and enjoy.

The club has recently welcomed new caterers Brian & Dawn Leydem who have created a new and fantastic menu with inexpensive and delicious meals.

The Beenleigh RSL has become one of the most sought after function venues in the area. With the capacity to host up to 160 guests it is the perfect venue for corporate and celebratory events.

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