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Pelican Waters Golf Club

entertainment | Pelican Waters QLD 4551

(02) 6685 1955
40 Mahogany Drive, Pelican Waters QLD 4551

QLD Tourism welcomes Pelican Waters Golf Club, in Pelican Waters for all your restaurant and entertainment needs, enquire online today.

Located in the stunning surrounds of Golden Beach, Pelican Waters Golf Club is the first ever Greg Norman-designed course on Queensland's beautiful Sunshine Coast.

Designed to rank among the premier courses in the world and currently ranked by Golf Australia as 23rd in the Top 100 Public Courses, this spectacular 18-hole, 6,359 metre championship course fittingly boasts one of the finest clubhouse and practice facilities in Australia.

Even the driving range has that special Great White Shark touch.

At 100 metres wide and 300 metres in depth and designed by Greg Norman, many golf experts consider it to be the finest in the Southern Hemisphere.

The practice facilities also incorporate an undercover range cover and a 2,000 square metre gently undulating putting green and a chipping green with practice bunker.

Pelican Waters Golf Club is open to the public and features an impressive driving range; state-of-the-art golf carts, a well equipped golf shop and a first class clubhouse with restaurant and bar facilities.

Surrounded by waterways, the Clubhouse is indisputably the best in the region.

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